The Haptic Eye Part 2: "Tactile Visions"

ArtCircle is delighted to announce its 4th exhibition project that focuses on Soft Art. Entitled The Haptic Eye: Part II - Tactile Visions, ArtCircle's 4th presentation is curated by Berlin-based and internationaly renowned curator Mark Gisbourne, and includes work by Zofia Butrymowicz, Charles Chamot, Lizette Chirrime, Margret Eicher, Susan Hefuna, Emo de Medeiros, Jolanta Owidzka, Magda Skupinska and Natasha Yudina
The Haptic Eye: Part II - Tactile Visions focuses on the nature of optical stimulation, which is to say how colour and the sensate qualities of various materials can generate a retinal charge, and have the capacity to enervate extended sensory experiences. 
Video by Matthias Maercks & Regina Rudt, Tableau Film Production,